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      Welcome to our world of natural beauty !

      If you are passionate about beautiful, natural and modern
      home furniture, you've come to the right pleace.

      The furniture that we design together with you tells a story
      that also becomes your story.

      All furniture are made from the highest quality
      dried hardwood and powder coated steel structures enlivens
      and adds nature to your home.

      Every project we create in our workshops is handcrafted
      by experts - we turn a creative vision or seed of an idea
      into reality.
      If you want to design your furniture with us, we guarantee 
      that it will be a great adventure. All you have to do
      is send to us the dimensions and what furniture you are looking for.
      After receiving the dimensions, we will send to you various
      wood options at different prices so that you can find
      something for yourself in the following pictures
      for example.

      Once you've selected wood, it's time to pick
      a resin colour if you desire it in your furniture.
      We can make all colours, beginning from classic dark black
      through transparent to metallic orange.

      We can advise you what color will match the wood, but also you
      can adapt any of your ideas. In ocasion of new colour we will
      do several samples of different shades to find exactly what you are
      looking for.


      After selecting the appropriate color, we will move to
      the option of choosing a base for your furniture made of steel
      and powder coated
      in all ral colors
      . We have a very large
      selection in our store.
      If you can't find anything you like, we will design it for you. 
      We will make a technical drawing which you can see
      in 3d. We can adapt all our bases to your needs because we
      make them ourselves.

      We treat each client individually.

      Every piece of furniture We do with passion for wood and
      natural beauty.

      We make sure that our furniture is modern,
      unique and one of a kind.

      Do not wait,
      contact us and start your adventure with us today.