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      Live Edge Slabs

      High-Quality Hardwood Slabs by MB Walnut Steel Ltd.

      Product Information:

      • Available Wood Types: Walnut , Oak.
      • Moisture Content: Carefully seasoned and kiln dried to 8-12%
      • Finishing :The boards have been lightly sanded to show the colors. Saw marks and dirt are still visible on some of the boards. 
      • Dimensions: Specific measurements are listed individually. Please note that dimensions may slightly vary due to environmental humidity changes.

      Important Notes:

      • Natural Characteristics: Each slab is unique, featuring natural variations like cracks, knots, holes, and areas of rot.
      • Detailed Inspection: Please review the photos closely to understand the specific features of each slab.
      • Inquiries: Feel free to reach out with any questions or for more details.

      Perfect for woodworkers, craftsmen, and hobbyists, our slabs are ideal for a range of resin projects, from furniture making to unique decorative items.

      • Thank you for considering MB Walnut Steel. We are excited to supply you with beautiful, high-quality wood for your next project.